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krunal oza

Building myself into a growth specialist helping entrepreneurs, through knowledge and service, on all aspects of conceptualising, setting up and growing a business.

I started my humble beginning of entrepreneurship when i was still a teenage and i say this to all aspiring entrepreneurs till date “the earlier you start the better” .

After Graduation in IT from Mumbai University, i certainly realised i lack Sales & Marketing skills, which was needed for me to establish a business, attract and retain customers.

Making up my mind to join a marketing company, i came across a leading UK based direct marketing firm operating from Andheri east, Mumbai, where in i joined in 2013 and worked for 12months as a door-to-door sales representative on flat commission’s which motivated me to be counting on my sales goals, so basically the more i sold the more i use to get paid.

Post understanding the core of direct sales and marketing, i thought of jumping my career towards Digital marketing in 2014, back then facebook and instagram in particular was growing, advertising and marketing on this platforms would help my business in the near future and that was the reason i joined myself in a digital marketing agency on a low salary job for a period of 12 months which gave me immense knowledge of the beautiful world of digital advertising.

In Late 2014, was my time to convert my self from a “Employee to Entrepreneur” and since then the core mantra i have been preaching every one i come across. “Work for yourself”, i infact even support and help my office employees as well, to plan their entrepreneurship journey post taking a work experience in my office. 


All my business which you see on my website home page or on Linkedin are all self owned and started from scratch without any investment backup & i still believe any one can start a business without any financial backup especially into service providing industry.

With a Business experience in to nearly more then 15+ domains & 9 years of Entrepreneurship experience, I specialise in Business, Marketing and Hospitality consultantancy , Direct Sales and marketing, Franchising – Model development & Investor lead generation campaigns and stratergy developoment, Branding & designing , Brand Activation, Digital Advertising & Marketing, Promotion design.

• Play a key role in the Brand strategy and Campaign design process for organisations/agencies.
• Have been successfully helping agencies/companies in achieving their goals by developing and enhancing their digital communication, Branding and Print work.
• Hiring and Training professionals for corporate companies and hospitality sector.
• Design an appropriate solution to meet the client’s requirements and account team strategy.
• Identify information on competitors and proactively positions company strengths.
• Maintain excellent communications with the client and their customers.
• Building Cloudkitchen – Delivery only Food brands
• Franchising brands across different cities, states and countries.
• Digital lead generation campaign development and monitoring.
• Coach at Restaurant school. 

Today we as a company have two main periphery




Brands and Vertical – Profile build – Branding, Digital Marketing, IT & Franchising Agency

With 98 active franchisee spread across the globe. Money is not we work for, we believe doing amazing work is a must to get a stress free sleep, which has enabled us to run successful & execute campaigns for Taj Hotels, Tata Motors , Jio, FashionTv to name a few..


Hustlers Hospitality Private limited – India’s First Organized & Profitable Multi brand Cloud kitchen & QSR Franchise

Consulting Firm – Mycloudkitchen

Inhouse 36+ F&B Brands


Cloudkitchen Brands  – Newyork Sandwhiches, El Duderino Burgers, Friger – Fries and Burger, Bonkers Burgers, The Spud, PopStar Pizza’s, Senorita Margherita, AbraKaDabra, Aflatoon Biryani, Rutba-e-biryani, United Khichdi, Tadka Khichdi, Angry Momo’s, Yenna Rascala, Hola Hola Waffles, Better Batter, Le Un, Pancake Station, OMG churros, La Churros, Happy Cow, Shake It Chicago, Brookies.


Quick Service Restaurants Brands – Sandwizone, Bundobast – On the go munchies, Mithibai Vadapav, Subramanium – idli dosa, The Monk Momo

Home Bakery Franchise – Just Baked (fresh homemade cookies and brownies)



To build brands | Franchise brands to more outlets | To create Result oriented and Award winning lead generation campaigns | Execute ROI based Marketing solutions


Vision :

Mentoring youngsters to put their foot into the world of entrepreneurship with absolute low investment and enjoy being financial independent.

We as a organization are determined to spread our wings. We are working aggressively to expand the business to different cities, states and nations . We aim to increase the number of franchises across the globe to 250 franchises by the end of 2022 .

 Ideology :

  • Ideology is simple, “Everything that you do should either be award winning or it’s just not worth doing it” . Set Short term Goals & Hit it, the only way you can gain inner confidence towards yourself and your business.






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